Vitalzym Cardio 300 for Heart Health

This formula support cardiovascular wellness.  It contains systemic enzymes, extremely beneficial to the circulatory system, with other nutrients that support the heart and circulatory system.  The fibrinolytic enzymes cleanse excess fibrin, a spider web like protein that interferes with blood flow, from the blood.


Most users take one capsule three times a day, away from meals.  One hour before or after.


Nattokinase – Derived from fermented soybeans, nattokinase may be the most fibrinolytic enzyme taken for nutritional benefit. It’s not necessary to enteric coat the enzyme as its very acid tolerant. An extreme cardio cleanser.

Serrapepeptase – Also called serratiopeptidase. It’s the strongest enzyme in the blend that breaks down protein. Originally from the intestine of the silkworm, the dietary enzyme is cultured from a bacteria. A very unstable ingredient, the enzyme must be protected from the stomach acids.

Bromelain – A fruit derived proteolytic enzyme that is commonly used to fight inflammation and soothe stomach aches.

Papain – A fruit enzyme derived from the papaya.

CoQ10 – Coenzyme Q10 is widely taken to aid in cardiovascular wellbeing.

Lipase – An enzyme that aids in the digestion of fats. This can be done in the stomach or in the blood stream.

Rutin – A bioflavonoid that is commonly used as a dietary supplement to increase capillary strength.

Amla – An extremely rich source of Vitamin C.

Vitalzym Cardio Heart Heatlh

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