What is Sovereign Labs Viralox?

Sovereign Labs Viralox presents a natural alternative for the treatment of Viruses. Viruses are very difficult to treat because antibiotics and other drugs are not effective in treating them.  They pose a very preeminent threat to our well being during flu season and at other times as well.  

In contrast to natural treatments like Sovereign Labs Viralox, Flu shots have their own toxic side effects and i have seen many, many people who get flu shots get sicker than ever before when they get a flu shot!  If you read the list of ingredients in a flu virus shot, you would never put it in to your circulatory system!  

We recommend solutions like Sovereign Labs Viralox to enhance your immune system that are natural and safe and HIGHLY effective.  The most important health benefit that you can strive to attain is a strong immune system.  

Why take Sovereign Labs Viralox?

When considering taking Sovereign Labs Viralox, consider the fact that there are more virulent and infectious forms of pathogenic diseases now than ever before in history.  The widespread use of antibiotics in today's upside down world of health care, and the use of antibiotics in our food sources have caused infectious pathogens to mutate into antibiotic resistant forms.  Taking a product like Sovereign Labs Viralox may help strengthen your immune system to the point where your body can fight these pathogens.

The increased levels of pollution  in our air, water and food, and the GMO food sources that are toxic to us as humans have weakened our immune systems.  Viralox contains Proline-Rich-Polypeptides or PRP's and Lactoferrin which have both been proven to be effective in fighting viruses.  Sovereign Labs Viralox is designed to act as immune system modulators, which turn the immune system up, or turn it down when it is overactive.  Lactoferrin has been proven to be effective against a wide variety of viruses including:

Flu  (all types!)
Human Papilloma virus
hepatitis B and C 
RSV respiratory virus
Many others

One of the mechanisms that it works by is to block entry of the virus into target cells by competing for receptor sites or binding to the virus to inactivate them.  
Sovereign Labs Viralox contains PRP's which stimulate inactive T cells to become active lymphocytes and also activate Natural Killer Cells and other cells which kill viruses.  It stimulated these mechanisms by over 5 times that of any other product that was tested.  Viralox helps restore the immune system of AIDS patients with suppressed immune systems.  Imagine what it can do for colds and flu!

Sovereign Labs Viralox safe to use for everyone in the family!  No side effects.  Use two or three squirts into the back of the throat three times a day.  Keep Sovereign Labs Viralox in your War Chest for if you do get a cold or flu, but take Sovereign Labs Viralox if your immune system is compromised or when you travel or go into a place like a hospital or where people are already sick.  

Sovereign Labs Viralox

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