Used Hocatt Plus for Sale

We have a used Hocatt Plus for Sale. This Hocatt was purchased new in Feb 2015. As you know the Hocatt is personal size sauna which allows the use of Ozone if desired. 

This used Hocatt Plus has 11400 hours and 397 sessions and will last for many more trouble free years of service.

Doctors and Patience alike have renowned this used Hocatt Plus as providing a satisfactory approach for the treatment of various diseases, detoxification, and enhanced athletic ability.

Please call us to purchase this item, we are currently asking $13,000.

The used Hocatt plus we have for sale is located in FL, we would be willing to coordinate shipping.

Call Ron 404-316-6001

Used Hocatt Plus for Sale

Used Hocatt Plus for Sale

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