Why Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD

Ever since growing up on a farm and seeing first hand the difference between animals that got the colostrum from the first hours and days of nursing, and the doomed fate of the ones that didn't, i have been on a quest to find the best colostrum for myself and my patients.

After trying many, many brands of colostrum, i finally gave up as a result of the colostrum just not making any difference in the health of myself and my patients.  Then i found Doug Wyatt at a medical conference and learned about his quest to make a truly bioactive product.  Since using this product personally and seeing the results that my patients have gotten, I am a devoted fan of Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD!

What is Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD?

Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD contains the same nutrients in a babys first food, gotten from our mother's breast immediately after birth.  It has some many wonderful effects on the body that it is difficult to even begin to cover what it does in this short space!  It has unsurpassed immune, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, athletic, metabolic, allergy, and anti-aging  effects.  It an antibiotic and antiviral.  It has been said by a leading medical anthropologist that without colostrum we would be extinct.

Colostrum has cytokines that are anti-inflammatory, easing the trauma of birth and which also activate serotonin which has a calming effect on the body and the infants shock at entering a new dimension.

Why Take Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD?

Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD benefits are universal to all ages and it is bio-identical in form, function and composition whether it is bovine or human.  It is only viable however, if collected from healthy sources and processed with extreme care and knowledge to keep it bioactive, similar to the method in which Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD is produced.  Colostrum has more published clinical studies than any other nutritional substance known!

Colostrum is clinically proven to:

    Fight off and eliminate infections.  Even the flu and cryptosporidial diarrhea in AIDS patients.

    Modulates immune function balances the immune response which is critical for autoimmune diseases.

    stimulates growth and regeneration in our body, including muscle, skin, bone, colon, brain, nervous tissue.  athletes and people concerned with anti-aging will benefit.

Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD

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Sovereign Labs Colostrum LD is the finest, purest, most effective colostrum on the market.  It is certified to be BST, antibiotic and mad cow disease free.  It comes from pasture fed cows and is processed and certified to contain colostrum's vital components.  It is wrapped in a liposiomal cotating, phospholipids that protect and ensure delivery of the health giving components to the intestine and body organs.  This is a state of the art delivery system that maximizes the performance and effectiveness of this amazing product.