What are Quinton Marine Minerals?

The story of Quinton Marine Minerals reads like a science fiction novel! In 1897, Rene' Quinton, an MD, biochemist, physiologist, and biologist was on a quest to discover "Where did life begin?"  He studied the unique cortex plankton blooms in the deep ocean and discovered that this microcosmic ocean environment contained all known trace minerals and elements in amounts that duplicated the liquid mineral content in our own bodies and in our plasma.  This mineral formula, when cold processed, works synergistically with our bodies to have a profound healing effect. 
1.  Quinton Marine Minerals have been used by thousands of doctors for over 100 years in Europe, South America, and Asia
2.  Quinton Marine Minerals was a pharmaceutical, listed in the Dictionnaire Vidal (France's PDR)
3. Quinton Marine Minerals are produced by cold treatment in a pharmaceutical grade lab

How do Quinton Marine Minerals Work?

"The germ is nothing, terrain is everything." Claude Bernard (1817-1920)

This statement is the basis for understanding the Enderlain Theory of Disease, or homotoxicology.  The quality of the substrate or the biological terrain is the basis for whether an organism is healthy and harboring symbiotic organisms, or sick and harboring pathological organisms.  Quinton Marine Minerals restore the biological terrain in your body back to a pristine and balanced state, where the organisms, that are present everywhere, mutate into forms that are beneficial to your body.

  • restores mineral balance to body fluids
  • supports healthy biological terrain
  • prevents illness through establishing healthy terrain

Quinton Marine Plasma Hypertonic
  • Quinton Hypertonic is three times the mineral concentration of blood
  • ideal for rapid re-mineralization
  • energizing and building the physiology
  • mental focus and sports performance
  • clinical depression
  • good to start with if you are generally healthy or looking for sports performance enhancement

30 Vials Quinton Hypertonic $59.99

Quinton Marine Plasma Isotonic
  • Quinton Isotonic matches concentration of your blood
  • good for sensitive systems, gentle detoxification and restoration
  • helps with sleep, emotional and physical balance, relaxation.
  • start with isotonic if your constitution is weaker.
  • ideal for long term use

30 Vials Quinton Isotonic 59.99

IMPORTANT:  seawater is not the same as ORIGINAL QUINTON.  Beware of imitators claiming to sell cold water processed seawater on the internet!  This is not a therapeutic product!