What is Plasmanex1

Plasmanex1 is a coagulation modulator for individuals with poor circulation, blood clotting or thrombosis. It was created as a result of Japan's Health Promotion Campaign for the 21st Century. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases account for about 30% of the causes of death in Japan and 25% around the world. Our sedentary lifestyle has increased the risk of health problems due to poor circulation and thicker blood.

Plasmanex1 is formulated from Bacillus subtilis natto which is fermented in soy, and extracted into a pill form.  

Plasmanex1 is used to:
  • Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Prevent pulmonary emobolism
  • Increase peripheral circulation
  • Decrease blood viscosity
  • Enhance overal cardiovascular health

How Does Plasmanex1 Work?

Plasmanex1 has been proven to work with the body's coagulation and fibrinolysis system which maintains a balance between healthy circulation and the prevention of excess bleeding through clotting. 

Once our bodies balance has shifted towards blood that is too thick, clotting begins to present itself in the form of thrombosis and poor circulation.

In simple terms Plasmanex1 works to shift the blood thinning system away from the coagulation cycle and increases circulation at the same time. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Plasmanex1 works to reverse Deep Vein Thrombosis through its ability to disolve clots, thin the blood, and increase circulation. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis is often caused by poor diet, and sedentary lifestyles.  Plasmanex1 contains Bacillopepotidase which has been proven to break up blood clots.

In clinical studies, Plasmanex1 has been proven to have a 100 fold higher anticoagulant ability than the raw version of the food. 

Poor Circulation

Now it is becoming clear that  Bacillus subtilis natto (NKCP) is helping to balance the blood coagulation and blood circulation functions. However, scientists are unable to specify exactly how the improvement of circulation is taking effect. 

Symptoms of poor circulation like neck and shoulder pain have been shown to decrease with the supplement of Plasmanex1.


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