What is Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that is vital to brain cell function.  It can be spelled as one word or two.  Phosphatidyl Serine.

Phospholipids are actually present in every cell membrane in our body and consist of amino acid and fatty acids.

Todays low fat and low cholesterol diets, that have been adopted by myths perpetuated by the AMA and our government, contain paltry amounts of Phosphatidylserine.  Any fats that we do get have been processed in a way that decreases Phosphatidylserine!  Diets deficient in omega-3 fatty acids also have low amounts of Phosphatidylserine.  Low Phosphatidylserine impairs your brains ability to function and it impairs memory!

Aging decreases digestive efficiency which further impedes our absorption of Phosphatidylserine.  As we age, our brain has increased need for Phosphatidylserine and therein lies the problem.  There is considerable research available that has proven the link between age related memory impairment and low Phosphatidylserine.  Continued use of Phosphatidylserine prevents your brain from decaying and protects memory and other brain functions.

Some other functions that Phosphatidylserine impacts:

  • helps brain to metabolize glucose (preventing Alzheimers)
  • increases cell communication in brain
  • modulates fluidity of cell membranes, increasing function
  • balances neurotransmitters,helps restore memory
  • helps depression
  • increased dopamine
  • helps ADD, ADHD
  • helps athletic recovery
  • helps adrenal, cell repair, ome matrix formation
  • helps testicular function, hear beat regulation
  • helps stress induced insomnia
  • relieves anxiety, stress, panic attacks
  • increases focus

Why take Complementary Prescriptions Phosphatidylserine?

Complementary Prescriptions Phosphatidylserine is Sharp-PSGREEN which is derived from sunflower lecithin and contains no soy.

Many brands of Phosphatidylserine are derived from soy.  It is increasingly difficult if not impossible to find non GMO soy.  Soy is a cheap source of Phosphatidylserine and many people have hidden allergies to soy.  GMO products are responsible for a wide range of other health problems.

Complementary Prescriptions Phosphatidylserine

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