Leaky Gut Disorders                      

Inflammatory gut disorders including IBS, Chron’s disease, celiac disease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea and constipation are rampant in today's society.  

Disorders of the gut affect all segments and ages of our population.  Inflammatory Gut disorders lead to food allergies, which compromise the immune system and lead to other diseases.  One of the most aggravating offenders to gut integrity is wheat and the gluten that it contains.  Wheat is genetically altered and has become perhaps the world’s most destructive dietary ingredient.  There are proteins in wheat that are not able to be digested and broken down by the human digestive tract and these proteins create a release of a chemical called zonlulin, which breaks down the lining of the gut. Hence the term leaky gut disorder.

When this lining is broken down, food enters the body where it was not intended to and the body looks at these foods as foreign invaders or antigens and makes antibodies to attack them.  Leaky gut disorders causes a constant “alert” status to your immune system which makes it hyper reactive.  It begins the cascade towards diseases that we call autoimmune, the body attacking itself.  Diabetes is beginning to be linked to this autoimmune pathway. 

Weight gain, diabetes,joint problems, neurological problems, skin problems, lipid or cholesterol problems, heart disease, mental disorders, intestinal disorders, allergies,  have now all been linked to wheat and leaky gut disorders.  There is enough scientific research to implicate wheat as the root cause of these symptoms and the elimination of wheat from the diet is the first step towards healing the body. 

This isn’t as simple as it would first sound.  Wheat has made its insidious way in to an overwhelming number of the foods and cosmetics that we regularly use.  It is in sauce, ketchup, gravies, breadings, cereals, baked goods, shampoos, lipsticks, skin lotions, snack foods, cheeses and many foods that you would never suspect.  To eliminate it takes diligence and discipline and many times serious investigation. 

Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD, a cardiologist who has now gotten thousands of his patients off of wheat is a very good place to start your wheat elimination journey.  It is a #1 New York Times best seller and most people who read it are compelled to eliminate wheat from their diet forever!

The next step is repairing the damage to the leaky gut disorders that wheat is responsible for. Some possible natural treatments recommended by Natural Health Doctor's have included a 12 week protocol including the following:

This protocol and the complete elimination of wheat from your diet could have a profound effect on your health, your energy, and your life. Learn more about healthy eating!!

Natural Treatments for Inflammatory Leaky Gut Disorders

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