In Home Lab Tests

In-home lab tests are a great way to gauge various levels of different chemicals within the body.  

We have compiled some of the most accurate test kits in the diagnostic laboratory industry, and provide them along with help understanding the results. 

Many people find that performing lab tests at home is less expensive, and more convenient than driving through traffic to a brick and mortar doctor's office, waiting to be admitted to the exam room, and waiting to take the test.  After all, time is money right!?

We deliver the test directly to your door, along with simple instructions for taking the test, and proper supplies for re-packaging and submitting the test to the lab.

At home lab testing is great for preventative healthcare measures, because it allows insight into areas of the body which are not functioning properly.  Armed with this information, changes can be made in order to strengthen these areas and the functions around them.

When considering an at home lab test it is important to ensure that the accuracy of the testing is of the highest degree. We only supply testing from CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified Labs. CLIA certified labs are monitored by the FDA "in order to ensure  accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient results regardless of where the test was performed."

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When ordering an In Home Lab Test, you are making a commitment to take control of your health issues.

Select one of the tests below in order to learn more.

Cardio Metabolic Profile

This test measures your CardioMetabolic risk related to cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. It also measures cReactive protien and homocystine which are a known cause of cardiovascular disease. Armed with the results it allows individuals to take control of elevated risk factors to reduce the chances of disease.

Omega 3 Index

Blood spot test that asseses essential fatty acid levels. Essential fatty acids are necessary for healthy cellular membranes. This membranes ability to function properly is directly related to fatty acid levels, and improper function has been show to  result in cardiovascular, neurological and immune system problems.

Diurnal Cortisol 

Use this test when experiencing situational stress and fatigue, or difficulty sleeping. The Diurnal Cortisol Test will disover adrenal imbalances.


This test measures your iodine levels which is a common defficiency contributing to thyroid insuficiency. Symptoms of thyroid problems include dry skin, weight gain, fatigue, loss of body hair, swollen face, and metastatic cancer.

Thyroid - complete thyroid profile

Most doctors use a TSH which does not accurately describe the conversion of T-4 to T-3, your most active thyroid hormone. Most tests miss the most important markers of autoimmune disease. Use this test for a complete picture of thyroid function.

Vitamin D 25OH Total

This test measures vitamin D levels when taking D supplements so that the levels present in the body are within the proper rannges. Take this test if you are taking Vitamin D supplements, immune system disfunction, bone loss, weight gain, depression or other chronic illness.

Hemoglobin A1c - Diabetes 

This is the gold standard for measuring cellular changes caused by Type II diabetes.

24 hour Hormone Profile

This test measures estrogens, progesterone, metabolites, testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, and metabolites of all of the above. Knowing these levels, and balancing them within the body is a powerful anti-aging strategy.

This test includes the option to add Aldosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to your test results

Bone Strength - NTxN-Telopeptide (2nd Morning Urine)

A non invasive, no exray exposure means of testing wheather your body is building bone matter, or it is breaking down. Fractures, and slow bone healing and women going through menopause.

Comprehensive Nutritional Panels (WBC) 

This test determines cellular nutritional deficiencies, anitoxidant deficiencies, immune system deficiencies due to lack of specific nutrients or absorbtion isssues. Take this test if you would like advanced guidance in a nutritional protocol or have disease conditions.

LPP + Panels

These state of the art tests show susceptibility to  cardiac disease and diabetes II. It shows markers of inflamation, genetic markers, metabolic syndrome markers, as well as card protective indicators indicators. This is a more in depth test than the cardio metabolic profile it is highly predictive of cardio disease through advanced measurement of the lipids.