So many people are challenged with intestinal tract problems due to our polluted food sources and the stress of living in a fast paced world!  Also, the use of antibiotics and other drugs and the chlorine and fluoride in our water strip our colons of the beneficial, life supporting probiotics that are an essential defense in our bodies.  This formula has the prebiotics, necessary for the probiotics to colonize and flourish, soothing Aloe Vera, and the very amazing and effective colostrum.  The first food of life!  (please go to the colostrum LD link to read about this amazing product).


Some of us with a genetic predisposition towards having gut problems need to take this on a regular basis.  If you are lucky enough to have a strong and healthy gut, you may need to take it only when travelling where you are exposed to pathogens you don't have an immunity to, and foods that may be contaminated with toxins and bacteria.  

Gastrodefense Daily:

helps maintain healthy bowel movements
introduces and maintains healthy gut flora
heals intestinal permeability (leaky gut)
helps to bind toxins and pathogens in the GI tract
increases immune response
helps to prevent autoimmune response, which destroys body tissue.


Recent breakthroughs in gastroenterology have shown that a chemical called ZONULIN is released when we eat modern day wheat.  The wheat has been hybridized to make it easier to grow, increase the gluten content, and make it more resistant to disease and more profitable.  Unfortunately, it now contains proteins which are impossible for humans to digest.  The chemical zonulin is released in our guts when we eat wheat and this chemical causes a destruction of the cells that line the gut.  This leaky gut allows food and toxins back in to the blood stream where they don't belong, causing inflammation and allergies.  

GastroDefense helps heal leaky gut with the Aloe Vera and the Colostrum!  Wheat is in EVERYTHING!  It is very difficult to avoid. 
Gastrodefense Daily
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