What is Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide Supplement?

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide is a high performance product. Collagen is the most common structural protein found in the human body.  Our body is basically held together through a skeletal system composed of about 80% Collagen. Our skin, one of our largest organs is about 75% Collagen.  

How does Dr, Friedlander Collagen Peptide Supplement Work?

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide is a highly absorb-able collagen product. It is composed of materials that have allready been broken down by enzymes similar to those within the stomach and digestive system. This means that the body can absorb and use this source of collagen with very little effort. 

Most collagen products on the market, including hydrolyzed collagen are not engineered through the same enzymatic process, and do not produce the same results as Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide. 

Since Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide is easily absorbable, the body is able to easily assimilate and redistribute the collagen from this product into areas where it is needed. 

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide Supplement for Arthritis

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide is great for natural treatment of arthritis.  It is important to first treat the cause of the arthritis, but Collagen will help rebuild tissue and ligament damage due to arthritis.

Long term effects of taking collagen have been proven to increase the hydration of connective tissues within the body, reduce inflammation, and improve joint flexibility.

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide Supplement for Skin, Hair and Nail Health

As we age, our body's natural collagen production begins to slow. Many people notice that as they age, their nails become more brittle, or their hair becomes thinner, or even worse both!

Our hair, skin, and nails are composed of mostly collagen. 

Collagen absorption helps support skin elasticity, and strength. Healthy skin is able to retain moisture, and increased elasticity means less fine lines and wrinkles. 

Individuals taking collagen supplements often experience thicker fingernails and healthier hair.

Dr. Friedlander Collagen Peptide Supplement

  • Increased Skin ElasticityNatural Collagen Supplement
  • Reduce Inflamation
  • Support Joint repair
  • Hair and Nail Thickness

Dr. Freidlander Collagen Peptide $42.50

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