What is Double Helix Water?

Double Helix Water is a newly discovered form of solid water. It is made up of a network of stable water clusters. It is believed that the clusters allow blocked meridians in the body to work again, allowing healing energy to flow through the body and the body to heal itself. 

Although most of us recognize that water can be liquid, solid (ice), and gas (steam), Double Helix Water is made up of these stable water Clusters that allow water to remain in a solid phase even at room temperature. Research suggests that stable water clusters trigger the body’s self healing capabilities at the gene level.

Double Helix Water has been studied for over 15 years and has been found safe for all ages with no adverse reaction with any meds or supplements. It is 100% natural and may be easily added to your daily regime to help the body to realign itself and protect itself from the exposure we get on a daily basis to the toxins in our environment.

Who can benefit from Double Helix Water?

Double Helix Water is showing great promise in research projects worldwide in children with autism. A recent study suggests that repairing the Meridian System may help alleviate autism related symptoms.

People with autoimmune issues are finding success with Double Helix Water. After 20 minutes of drinking 3 drops of Double Helix Water diluted in distilled water, the red blood cells no longer clump together and flow more freely, allowing better oxygenation of tissue. The blood cells are also more consistent in the round, plump appearance and are not stuck together.

Double Helix Water

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