Natural Cholesterol Treatment

Natural cholesterol treatment begins with the understanding of how high cholesterol and heart disease are related to what is going on inside of our bodies. Natural Cholesterol Treatment information can be found in a variety of supplements from Vitamin E to Omega 3 fatty acids.  In order to learn which Natural Cholesterol Treatment is best for you, read the article below.

What is Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential substance that is necessary for many healthy functions in the body. We could not exist without it. Most of the cholesterol in our bodies doesn’t come from outside sources, but is made in the liver. It is necessary for immune health, cellular repair, anti-oxidant functions and is a vital component of the cells which make up our body. It is also vital for nervous system and brain health. It forms the myelin sheath which surrounds and protects the nerves. Research done on rabbits a century ago, which was completely irrelevant to humans, is the basis for the myth that elevated cholesterol causes heart disease. The drug companies discovered statins and found that they could produce a very lucrative scam if they could convince doctors and patients that cholesterol caused heart disease!
Twenty five percent of people in this country are on statins and we are no closer to finding a cure for heart disease! 

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

There have been thousands of studies showing that the cholesterol theory of heart disease just doesn’t hold water. One of the newest is the HUNT 2 study. Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology stated that “the predictive properties of cholesterol might not be as straightforward as widely assumed.” Their study looked at 52,087 men and women ages 20-74 without known cardiovascular disease. They found that among women, as cholesterol went up, mortality from all causes went down! And specifically, as cholesterol went up, risk of dying from cardiovascular disease went down! And in over 27,000 women, the higher the cholesterol, the more pronounced this effect!

In men, the men in the midrange cholesterol showed the greatest cardioprotective effects, not the low ranges that we have been misled to believe! And there is very compelling evidence coming forward that is linking low cholesterol with cognitive impairment/decline.


Heart disease is caused by inflammation. Eating sugars, carbs, and low fat diets causes inflammation. Contrary to popular opinion, fats and even saturated fats are very good for you. Your diet should include full fat dairy, eggs, organic free range meat and chicken, mercury tested, wild caught fish. Also, plenty of veges including bitter greens, limited fruits and plenty of healthy fats. Coconut oil is a very good source of medium change triglycerides, or good fats. Soybean oil and corn oil are not! Inlammation from diets low in protein and fats and high in carbs and sugars, causes disease. All disease, not just disease of your blood vessels which leads to heart disease!

Dr. Dwight Lundell, a cardiologist who has done over 5,000 by-pass surgeries, has written a new book. The Cure for Heart Disease. In it he exposes the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease and that statins are the answer. He agrees that inflammation causes heart disease and poor dietary habits cause inflamation.

Cholesterol Related Lab Tests


There are a few links between cardiovascular disease and post menopausal women and men that have been ignored.

Elevated iron levels is a very important consideration! Don’t take iron supplements unless your iron levels are demonstrably low. Fatigue and mental decline is more often a result of low B12, which will be poorly assessed by a plasma B12 test! Instead, consider a micronutrient panel that looks inside your cells for many nutrients that are responsible for preventing diseases like CVD, osteoporosis, dementia, cancer, neurological disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. 
Spectracell has a micronutrient panel that tests to see if these critical nutrients are getting into your cells via the receptor sites on the cell walls. Read more about the Spectracell micronutrient panel. Also homocysteine, a very advanced indicator of CVD and a marker of inflammation,  is treated with methyl B12 and activated folate (methyl tetrahydrofolate) and trimethylglycine. These homocysteine modulators are available in our Methyl Protect formula.

It is important to get the best lipid profile that you can to accurately assess your CVD risk. Unfortunately, the tests your doctor orders for lipid assessment is not the state of the art testing that is readily available through a company such as Spectracell. This lab looks at advanced markers like C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) a marker of inflammation, Lp-a, HDL 2b (the most protective subfraction of HDL), RLP (which is an indicator of whether your cholesterol is oxidizing) and many other advanced markers. Click here to get a lab kit to have your fasting Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP) drawn in a center near you.

Another great lab that you can collect at home is the Omega 3 test. This is a blood spot test that reports the levels of many of the essential fatty acids that are necessary to maintain healthy lipid membranes, or the fats that make up your cell walls. If you don’t have the proper fats making up these cell walls, vital nutrients can’t enter the cells and the wastes can’t exit. Read more about this Omega 3 test.

Elevated triglycerides and glucose increase your risk of CVD. These are also markers that are tested in the LPP panel. We use natural remedies like Glucontrol, BenaGene, and OmegaPure to bring these markers into healthier ranges.

If your cholesterol is really very high and you are evidently having oxidation in your cholesterol, we use a natural remedy, Lipicontrol and vit E with selenium to protect the cholesterol from oxidizing and OmegaPure fish oil to raise the good cardioprotective HDL levels. Vitamin D has also been implicated in keeping healthy cholesterol levels and good immune health. Astaxanthin is a very potent anti-oxidant that will help keep cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging cell walls. Vasculex is a natural solution to keeping blood vessels clear of plaque and also for repairing the endothelial cells that line blood vessel walls. There are many natural cures to prevent CVD. Statins have been proven to have little to no effect in this regard and are being implicated in contributing to dementia and cognitive decline, as well as compromised immune health.