Why take Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula?

This product was specifically designed as a cardiovascular therapeutic food.  It is also an excellent product for immune system function, gut problems and metabolic syndrome.  The probiotics in Bioimmersion products have been developed over many years by scientists that are very dedicated in the field of microbiology and determined to bring the very best to the marketplace.  Bioimmersion probiotics are high quality therapeutic foods with exceptional purity, potency, and efficacy.  Think of each probiotic as a fermented food, designed for specific purposes.  These probiotics protect the gut, help with digestion, detoxification and boost immune system function by recolonizing the gut with beneficial "bugs".  Antibiotics, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, alcohol, gluten, pasteurized dairy products, sugar and poor diet, all contribute to destroying the normally protective probiotic cultures that live in our gut.  It is important to re-colonize these probiotic strains for immune health, but also because our neurotransmitters, important for proper brain function, are made in our gut.

What is Beta Glucan?

Beta-glucan is a fibrous polysaccharide that comes from the cellular wall of yeast, oat and barley fiber and many types of mushrooms.  It is used to enhance the immune system and to lower cholesterol levels.  It activates the macrophages and neutrophils, white blood cells, which are the immune systems first line of defense against foreign invaders in the body. In addition, beta glucan stimulates lymphocytes that bind to tumors or viruses, which then release chemicals to destroy them. Researchers have found that beta glucan helps the body to do battle with bacteria resistant to  

Because of the fiber content in beta-glucan, it is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels after eating.  It is believed to increase tissue sensitivity to insulin which is a great benefit in people with diabetes or metabolic syndrome.  

We are no longer selling this product

15 billion cfu/tbl of certified strains of pedigreed probiotic with Therapeutic Foods in a synbiotic formula of L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, S. thermophilus and 5 grams of patented oat bran (75%) with high levels of beta glucan (10%), whole red beet root (15%) and inulin derived from chicory fiber (10%). US Patent # 6,060,519. Advanced freeze-drying technology. 300 grams/bottle. 5 grams/ tbl. No excipients.