What is benaGene Anti Aging?

BenaGene Advanced Anti Aging contains Oxaloacetate which is a key element in metabolism, and which is central to energy production in the body.  It is found in every cell your body and in the foods that you eat.  benaGene is a patented blend of Vitamin C and Oxaloacetate.  benaGene contains 100 times more oxaloacetate than is found in the typical diet.

Why take benaGene?

BenaGene is a breakthrough supplement due to the discovery that the main ingredient behind this science has been shown to increase lifespan in lab animasl by 25%. BenaGene mirrors the beneficial gene response behind a calorie restriction diet. Calorie restriction diets have been shown to increase longevity in monkeys.  BenaGene is a Calorie Restriction Mimetic which also turns on your favorable genes.  BenaGene is considered by many as an essential part of any effective anti-aging regimen.

What else does benaGene do?

BenaGene has been shown to support normal glucose system functioning in published studies.  Maintaining proper glucose function is one of the most important foundations of good health.  Oxaloacetate, found in benaGene, has been shown to lower fasting glucose levels and increase the expression of the FOSO3a gene which is associated with glucose stability.  

By maintaining healthy glucose levels, benaGene reduces the body's ability to create fat, which helps maintain normal weight levels and reduces fat levels without loss of muscle mass.

BenaGene increases the activity of key Krebs cycle metabolite, which has been proven to increase muscle endurance.  It also protects mitochondrial DNA from toxins and helps the mitochondria to function normally.  This is critical for neurological tissue.  

benagene Advanced Anti Aging

benaGene is designed to:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve HgbAIc/fasting glucose/insulin levels
  • Increase endurance
  • Promote weight loss
  • Promote muscle gain
  • Increase lifespan by mimicking calorie restriction

BenaGene 30 caps $45.99

BenaGene Anti Aging

BenaGene 3 bottles with 30 Caps $126.99