Why Take Advanced Inflammation Control?

Advanced Inflammation Control has ingredients that work on a multitude of levels to maintain a balance inflammatory response in your body.  Advanced Inflammation Control contains Stephania tetandra root extract which has been historically used in China and Korea has an anti-inflammatory.  

Advanced Inflammation Control is especially designed to suppress interleukin-6 which is associated with elevated C-reactive protein.  

Advanced Inflammation Control contains Holy Basil leaf extract which contains natural COX-2 inhibitor effects and is very helpful with noise induced stress, so prevalent in our urban areas.  

In addition Advanced Inflammation Control contains Ginger, Boswelia, Nettle Leaf, Green Tea and Luteolin which all have many beneficial inflammation reducing effects on different organ systems and pathways in the body.  

Control your inflammation, control your aging and disease process.

Advanced Inflammation Control, inflammation and Disease

Inflammation has been linked to almost every disease in present day society.AGE's or advanced glycation end products which cause aging throughout our bodies, elevated C-reactive protein, which is an advanced marker for cardiac disease, joint inflammation, skin problems, Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons, MS, cancer, arthritis, IBS, Crohn's, fibromyalgia and autoimmue disease, all have inflammation as the origin.  The  wheat in the modern diet has been genetically engineered and is present in almost everything you eat, causing inflammation in the gut and the release of the chemical zonulin which causes "leaky gut". Food is leaked into the body through the leaky gut and the body reacts by producing antibodies.  This upregulates the immune system and causes chronic inflammation leading to a host of diseases.

Advanced Inflammation Control