What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that is produced by green algea when pools dry out, and the algea is exposed to the suns UV rays. This red pigment actually protects the algae from UV radiation allowing them to survive. Astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant that has been part of the human diet for thousands of years in red colored fish and shellfish like salmon and shrimp.  

How Does Astaxanthin Promote Well Being and Health?

Astaxanthin fights damaging free radical oxygen particles which left to their devices damage human cells.  Research shows that Astaxanthin is 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E when used to suppress singlet oxygen. Astaxanthin is by far one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. 

Astaxanthan has several key health benefits
  • Relieve Eye Fatigue
  • Muscle Recovery and Physical Endurance
  • Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines
  • Promote General Well Being
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Stomach Health
  • Immune System Improvement

Astaxanthin for Computer Eye Strain

Several studies have been performed showing significantly positive results for the use of Astaxanthin in people with eye fatigue from continuous operation of the computer. Astaxanthin has been noted as increasing focus, acuity and critical flicker fusion, results which have been measured during the testing process.

These test results make sense due to the fact that Astaxanthin is a cartenoid, and cartenoids are the responsible for removing harmful free radicals from the cells in our eyes.

Why Astavita Astaxanthin

Astavita Astxanthin is produced in state of the art, bio systems which are fully enclosed from the outside world. These bio-domes are protected from air borne pollutants and contamination. 

Astaxanthin Supplements

  • Relieve Eye Fatigue
  • Decrease Signs of Aging
  • Powerful Antioxidant


AstaReal Astaxanthan

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