Why Take Adrenal Support Formula?

Adrenal Support Formula is designed to combat Adrenal fatigue caused by the fast pace of life these days. 

Adrenal Support Formula contains well researched ingredients including, vitamins, adrenal concentrate, botanicals and amino acids. Adrenal Support Formula is designed to support the adrenal glands and help them to heal.  Adrenal Support Formula also supports healthy blood sugar metabolism and the Bacopa helps the cognitive function and memory which are negatively impacted during times of stress.

Adrenal Support Formula, Stress, and Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic stress has many harmful consequences.  In today's fast paced, stressful world, more and more people are suffering the consequences of adrenal burnout.  Adrenal deficiency, or adrenal hypo-function can range in severity and is caused largely by stress.  It can develop gradually or be precipitated by a single event such as an injury, infection, illness or crisis.  

Low cortisol, caused by adrenal insufficiency causes your glucose levels to drop, hypoglyecemia, resulting in symptoms of fatigue, headaches, shakiness, fuzzy thinking, sugar and carb cravings and alcohol cravings.   It can also cause a drop in glucose during the sleeping hours, causing a sharp rise in glucose that will wake you up and prevent good sleep.

Adrenal Support Formula may help with some of the common symptoms of adrenal fatigue:
  • fatigue
  • tired but wired feeling
  • hemmorhoids
  • swelling of fingers
  • fibromyalgia symptoms
  • digestive problems
  • depression, anxiety
  • foggy thinking
  • craving for salt, sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine
  • slow getting started in the morning
  • afternoon loss of energy
  • decreased ability to make decisions
  • low HCL-digestive problewms
  • lowered immunity to infections
  • slow healing
  • low blood pressure
  • problems staying aslee[
  • inflamation
  • intolerance to hear or cold


Adrenal Support Formula